Amazon Prime Day 2020: everything you need to know

Prime Day 2020 is coming! Find out the best tech and gaming deals here.

Prepare your bank balances - Amazon Prime Day 2020 is starting on Tuesday 13th October. And this year, it’s bigger than ever.

Now in its sixth year, Prime Day has become so massive that Amazon simply couldn't squeeze all of its deals in 24 hours. Just like last year, this is going to be a two-day shopathon, ending at 11:59pm on Wednesday 14th October.

We know from past experience there’ll be no shortage of deals for you to spend your hard-earned cash on. The only problem is the same as ever – cutting the wheat from the chaff to get to the ones that really matter.  

As ever, we're doing the hard work so you don’t have to, trawling through the Prime Day deals to bring you our pick of the very best there are, as soon as they go live.

Bookmark this page and keep reading for everything you need to know about Prime Day 2020 (we will also update this page with links to the best deals articles we'll be dropping throughout the month. And follow us on Twitter for the best lightning deals too.

Not a Prime member yet? Get it now with a thirty-day trial. Thank us later.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day 2020 is Amazon's take on the pocket-emptier that is Black Friday, an annual event each year stuffed with exclusive discounts on every kind of product it sells with one small proviso - you have to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage.

Don't let that put you off, though, because Prime is a rather good deal regardless of Prime Day. 

To begin with, it gives you full access to its Amazon Prime Instant Video service (you'll find our own lovingly curated, and constantly updated, list of the best films and TV shows to watch on Prime Instant Video here), but also includes Prime Music and the Kindle Lending Library, plus unlimited one-day delivery from Amazon's humongous online marketplace.

Amazon has upped the ante when it comes to Prime recruitment in the days leading up to the big sale, so you can bag a 30-day free trial for Prime if you’ve never used it before.

The best deals are known as Spotlight deals, which will usually be available in a limited quantity, with Lightning Deals sitting alongside them, which will last for just six hours. With both of these, you’ll want to be quick if you like what you see.

There will also be a host of brand new products from big-name brands as part of Prime Day Launches, with some already available exclusively for Prime members ahead of the main event.

I don't want to wait! Are there any early Prime Day deals?

Why yes there is! To hype up the big occasion, Amazon has jumped first by offering Echos, Kindles and other devices at hugely discounted prices. This is on refurbished versions of previous gen hardware (since we've just seen the latest generation get announced), which means the prices are cheaper than ever. So if you're not too fussy about getting the lastest Echo, their are some great deals to snap up.

£60 off Refurbished 2nd Gen Echo Show - just £137.99

£124 off Refurbished 1st Gen Echo Show - just £55.99

£36 off Refurbished Echo Show 5 - just £35.99

£20 off Refurbished 2nd Gen Echo - just £59.99

£46 off Refurbished Echo Plus - just £79.99

£52 off Refurbished Echo Studio - just £118.99

£54 off Refurbished Fire HD 10 Tablet - just £75.99

Where do I get Amazon Prime?

1. You need to bag yourself an Amazon Prime subscription to take advantage of the offers on Prime Day.

2. If you don’t already have one, you can get one on a 30-day trial - after which it'll set you back £79 for the year, or £7.99 a month. An absolute steal for what you get with it! You can sign up for Amazon Prime here.

Anything else I should know about Amazon Prime Day 2020?

Bargains can be tempting, but if you have a shopping list of products you want to get during Prime Day, doing a bit of research ahead of time will ensure the bargain you get really is saving you cash.

The saving stated might also be based on RRP rather than what it sells for on the site normally. It’s a bit of a sneaky trick but one of the oldest in the book. If you’ve got your eye on something, it could be worth finding out its price now, so you know just how much of a deal it really is.

Those that are genuine deals – and there are plenty of them – are likely to be snapped up quickly, so be ready to start clicking as soon as they're live. We'll be keeping you in the loop with start times so you can be prepared.

Oh, and one more thing... It's not just Amazon that you should take a look at. Other retailers are quick to get involved in the Prime Day hubbub and try to crash the party with their own deals! Top examples last year included Currys PC World and Dell, so we'll keep an eye out on anti-Prime Day deals for you!

What are the best Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals?

Easy, tiger! Even we don't know what the special offers are yet. But that's OK - keep checking back here as we'll list all the links just below to best deals lists across different product categories, days and even hours.

In the immediate, Amazon have introduced special offers across all of their servies to whet your appetite.

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Get a free month of Amazon Prime Video

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