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Level up your mobile gaming with 30% off Backbone controllers

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Christmas gift ideas for gamers: Backbone One PlayStation Edition controller
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Touchscreen controls can be equal parts fiddly and clumsy when you’re in the middle of a hectic mobile game, and downright useless if you’re trying to stream a PC or console title over the cloud. The Backbone controller range is one of our favourite ways to add physical buttons and joysticks to a smartphone, and right now they’re 30% off in the Backbone Black Friday discounts.

Each Backbone controller usually retails for $100/£100, but can be had right now for $100/£70.

There are separate Backbone One models for Lightning-equipped iPhones and a second-gen USB-C version for Android smartphones and the iPhone 15 series, so you should be good to get your game on no matter which brand’s handset lives in your pocket. The regular black version was intended to play nicely with Xbox Game Pass (and includes a one month sub in the box) so has Microsoft’s ABXY button layout, along with twin analogue sticks, a D-pad, and four shoulder buttons.

The later white version is officially endorsed by Sony, and swaps to the PS5’s familiar cross, square, circle and triangle icons. Both support a companion app can pool all your installed games in one place, making your phone feel more like a dedicated handheld even if you’re regularly swapping between titles.

iPhone 14 or older owners should check out the iOS-friendly version here:

The second-gen USB-C version of the controller is available below. As well as iPhone 15 support, the pull-apart grip mechanism has been updated for better support for Android phones with large camera bumps – something that the first-gen model struggled with.

When we reviewed the Backbone One PlayStation Edition, we said “At £99/$99 it’s pricier than a phone mount for your existing controller, but considerably more portable” – with this discount there’s even less in it.

Black Friday 2023 is here and all month long we’ll be covering the best deals across the web. Whether you’re looking for a new phone, laptop, or stick vac, we’ll be highlighting the biggest savings around.
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