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Sonos speakers up to 25% off in pitch-perfect Black Friday deals

The sound of savings

Sonos device lineup Black Friday deals

Looking for the sweetest speaker deals this coming Black Friday week? While Sonos speakers can’t turn the volume down on the bad deals, they do offer rather incredible sound. Whether you’re looking to kit out your home cinema, add speakers to your kitchen, or take one on the go – Sonos has you covered.

From the 17th to the 27th of November, the brand is offering some huge deals that are sure to be music to your ears. You can save up to £180 on soundbars, subs, and speakers from Sonos in the sale when you buy direct from the firm. We’re waiting to see if other retailers will follow suit.

Sonos Arc – now £719

Dolby Atmos soundbars are nothing new. But Sonos found a way to make one that sounds groundbreaking. The Arc is designed to live beneath your TV and add superior audio to your viewing experience – without a full surround setup. For a limited time, you can score the premium bar for just £719. That’s a bass-thumping £180 saving from the £899 retail price.

Best Sonos speakers - Arc soundbar

Sonos Arc | was £899 | now £719 | save £180 at Sonos

A fantastic choice if you want to hear an Atmos-enabled ‘bar at its best. The Arc gives movies a wide, spacious soundstage, with wonderful levels of detail and substantial, nuanced bass. Add multi-room to the mix and it’s a true all-in-one soundbar.

The Arc looks like a soundbar, but also like a Sonos speaker – largely thanks to its matte finish, acoustic grille and impeccable build quality. Inside are 11 drivers: two firing upwards, one at each end, and eight carefully angled along the front of the bar. It makes a convincing go of delivering that fabled Atmos immersion.

There’s no shortage of detail or dynamism, plus the Arc does a decent job bringing in surround effects. It can be subtle, too – and while bass is substantial, it’s also nuanced. Paired with an excellent partner app, alongside all of the smarts and connectivity options we’ve come to expect from a Sonos speaker, the Arc should be at the top of your soundbar list. In fact, it scored a perfect five stars out of five in our review.

Sonos Ray – now £219

Packing multi-room smarts into a compact ‘bar, the Ray is a tempting upgrade for anyone with existing Sonos speakers. Four amps, two tweeters and two mid-woofers fill most spaces with forward-firing sound, trumping some bigger sound bars for overall audio quality. During the sales period, you can grab for just £219– £60 under the RRP of £279.

There’s no HDMI here; the Ray relies on optical for talking to your telly, which makes it more suited to smaller sets than full-on home cinema setups. The Sonos app uses your smartphone’s mic to automatically adjust output, so it’ll sound good wherever you put it. Annoyingly there’s no Bluetooth, but that shouldn’t matter if you’re already on board with the Sonos ecosystem.

Sonos Sub (Gen 3) – now £639

Subwoofers are perhaps one of the most important elements in any home cinema set up. Not a rumbling behemoth to hide to the side of the TV, the Sonos Sub is a bass box you’ll be proud to display. And you’ll be even prouder after scoring it for less this Black Friday. During the sales event, you can nab the subwoofer for just £639– £160 under the RRP of £799.

One top feature of Sonos’ subwoofer is that it can be oriented vertically or horizontally. This makes it easier to tuck away than most competitors – especially as wireless connectivity means it only needs a power cable. But what does the Sub actually do? Add great big dollops of extra bass to any Sonos speaker system, that’s what. It makes most sense as a sidekick to the Beam or Arc, giving cinematic soundtracks proper punch.

Plus, the latest Gen 3 model benefits from more memory and an upgraded processor inside. But if you’re looking for loud, proud and powerful, this is the accessory your Sonos setup needs. The third-gen also supports pairing two Subs in the same room, if you really want to annoy the neighbours.

Sonos Beam (Gen 2) – now £399

While not the biggest nor most advanced Sonos soundbar, the Beam is still a winning package. It packs some serious tech into a streamlined slab, small enough to sit beneath screens of pretty much any size. And this Black Friday it’s even more of a winning package, with £100 off. That means you can pick up the Sonos Beam for just £399 instead of the usual £499.

With identical proportions to its predecessor, the Gen 2 Beam is set apart by its polycarbonate grille. Flip it around, and you’ll find a minimal array of inputs and outputs, including a single HDMI port – now an eARC number. Why’s that significant? Because it has the bandwidth to carry higher quality streams, including Dolby Atmos.

The Gen 2 Beam features the same acoustic architecture as the first, but Sonos employs psychoacoustic techniques across five speaker arrays to trick your ears into believing sound is around and above you. Without upward-firing speakers, it’ll never deliver as much immersion as a full Atmos speaker setup. But the Gen 2 does a surprisingly effective job of replicating overhead effects – and the soundstage is impressively expansive for a compact soundbar.

It’s a simple, effective solution for superior sound – and you can always add a Sub if you want more oomph. We scored it five stars out of five in our review (notice how good Sonos gear is?), so rest assured your ears will be looked after with this soundbar.

Sonos Roam SL

Sonos’ Roam was the brand’s first proper foray into portable speakers, but the newer Roam SL offers most of the same features in a smaller, cheaper package. This November you can grab with a £40 discount. You’ll find the Sonos Roam SL on sale for just £119 when you order direct.

With this portably soundbox, you’ll find the solid sound quality you’d expect from Sonos, as well as provision for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. It’s lightweight, IP67 waterproof and sports a compact design – perfect for lobbing in your rucksack on the way out.

It also sports the ability to connect to your home Sonos system via Wi-Fi, like most other speakers from the brand. Plus, the Roam SL’s rechargeable battery keeps pumping for up to 10 hours (which should outlast even the longest picnic), with 10 days of standby time.

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