Netflix, Spotify, And Twitch Are Now Available On Nintendo Switch Via An Android Mod

Modders have successfully implemented Android OS on Nintendo’s hybrid console

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing console that provides a seamless experience between home and portable gaming. For all the things that it does right, it does lack other features in the video streaming, social media, and applications department.


One programmer going by the name ByLaws has made it possible by installing Android OS running systemless on the Nintendo Switch via  SD card. The software version used is based on Android 8.1 Oreo which was built for the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV 2015.


This enables the Switch to run applications that the original Switch was unable to, for instance Netflix (which has been heavily requested by Switch users). Additionally, as expected of a device running the Android platform, it can run other apps such as Chrome, Spotify and Twitch without any noticeable issue.


Gaming is reported to not be a problem either and the Switch is able to run PUBG Mobile (but without Joycon support) and emulators such as RetroArch, DraStic and Snes9x. It is expected to be ironed out in time and since it is built upon the same Android OS meant for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, there should be full support for the SoC and its capabilities.


However, there are a number of drawbacks when using the Switch as an Android tablet.  Due to the Switch itself is lacking any support for GPS, a built-in microphone or camera, apps that require those features (Pokemon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards’s Unite, Video Calls, etc) will not work properly. The Joycons are also not compatible with every application just yet and can be considered a hit or miss when used on certain gaming emulators.


At the time of writing, ByLaws and other developers are working to get it ready for release but with no date has been set yet. You can follow their progress here!


(Source: XDA Developers)