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Stuff’s guide to the best upcoming Lego sets

Prepare for a block party with these superb Lego sets, due out later this year

Lego upcoming sets for June and August 2023

When Lego founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen pivoted his business to plastic bricks, we wonder if he had any idea of the global phenomenon Lego would become. Today, there are many themes, for kids and adult collectors alike. It’s hard to keep track – so we’re doing it for you, with the Stuff guide to the best upcoming Lego sets.

Note: this list covers officially announced Lego sets – not rumours, leaks, nor models the writer ham-fistedly pieced together from a pile of random bricks.

June 2023 Lego sets

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For fans of minifig compatible structures, the modular buildings are pretty great. But if there’s one line that beats them, it’s the fantastical Ninjago City. This latest effort has a frankly ludicrous 6163 pieces, and includes a working cable car, loads of tiny shops, and even a flushing toilet that lobs a poo into the city’s previous pristine water.

OK, that last feature is a bit weird.

Consider these

  • 100 Years of Disney Animation Icons ($59.99/£49.99 • 1022 pieces): Celebrate a century of House of Mouse animation by building icons in lo-fi form. You get instructions for 72(!), but if you’ve designs on working for Disney, you can always try making your own.
  • Mei’s Guardian Dragon ($74.99/£46.99 • 605 pieces): Lego does good dragon, but they mostly lurk in the Ninjago line. This posable Monkie Kid one is an exception – and it looks the business, with its gigantic blade and swoopy tail.
  • Bugatti Bolide Agile Blue ($49.99/£44.99 • 905 pieces): If you can’t afford an actual Bugatti, or even Lego’s previous effort, this wallet-friendly take on the Bugatti Bolide (which also comes in yellow) nets you a vrooming good build.

And also these

  • Brachiosaurus Discovery ($79.99/£74.99 • 512 pieces): We still get shivers from that scene in Jurassic Park, with the Brachiosaur. It’s less majestic here, but, hey, giant long-necked Lego dinosaur!
  • Dilophosaurus Ambush ($19.99/£20.99 • 211 pieces): Give Lego Dennis Nedry his just deserts, by having him crash his jeep like an idiot and then get gobbed on by a reptilian horror. (Gob sold separately. Although not by Lego.)
  • Triceratops Research ($49.99/£46.99 • 281 pieces):This one has a chunky dino, a jeep, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm. Oh, and in a likely Lego first, a massive pile of buildable Lego poo.

Not keen on the massive moulded dinos in these upcoming Lego sets? Mighty Dinosaurs ($14.99/£12.99) already has a lifespan to rival the Jurassic, yet soldiers on. And there are dozens of alternate builds over at Rebrickable.

August 2023 Lego sets

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Sonic Lego loops set
  • Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge ($99.99/£94.99 • 802 pieces)

It’s less display-oriented than the Lego Ideas Sonic set, but this flagship from the 2023 Lego Sonic line looks like fun. You can encase Sonic in a blue shell and use the speed sphere contraption to blast him at obstacles. Round the loop! Through the gold hoop! Into Dr. Robotnik! Out of the window and into next door’s fish pond!

Consider these

  • Amy’s Animal Rescue Island ($49.99/£46.99 • 388 pieces): This most cohesive of the upcoming 2023 Lego Sonic builds nets you Amy and Tails minifigs, along with a brick-built Crabmeat and substantial beach themed diorama with hidden areas.
  • Dry Bowser Castle Battle Expansion Set ($109.99/£94.99 • 1321 pieces): Mario’s only got himself to blame. Having dunked Bowser in lava, he later discovered his arch-foe returned in skeletal form. Here, you get a huge Dry Bowser set to expand your Lego Super Mario set-up – or just for display.
  • Izzie and Banchu the Bunny ($19.99/£18.99 • 259 pieces): Lego Dreamzzz sets are based on a telly show for kids and are mostly nightmare fuel, but this one looks like it stepped out of a video game. And when are you too old for a giant bright blue roller-skating bunny who can fly? Never, that’s when.

And also these

  • The Mandalorian N-1 Star-fighter Microfighter ($14.99/£12.99 • 88 pieces): This wallet-friendly set nets you The Mandalorian, Grogu, and a tiny take on the N-1 Starfighter, so you can play out that grin-inducing scene from the end of The Book of Boba Fett.
  • Spider Tank ($49.99/£46.99 • 526 pieces): Regardless of whether you’ve blazed through Season 3 of The Mandalorian on Disney+, surely everyone can appreciate a stompy metal spider with chunky claws.
  • Space Roller Coaster ($109.99/£94.99 • 874 pieces): If your minifigs like space-faring to be closer to home, rather than taking place in a galaxy far, far away, this 3-in-1 Creator set lets you build a trio of rocket-themed amusement park rides. Wheeeee!

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