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Best upcoming Lego sets 2024: this year’s top new Lego releases

Prepare for a block party with these superb Lego sets, due out later this year

Upcoming Lego March 2024

When Lego founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen pivoted his business to plastic bricks, we wonder if he had any idea of the global phenomenon Lego would become. Today, there are many themes, for kids and adult collectors alike. It’s hard to keep track. So we’re doing it for you, with the Stuff guide to the best upcoming Lego sets.

Note: this list covers officially announced Lego sets. There are no rumours, leaks, nor models the writer ham-fistedly pieced together from a pile of random bricks.

August 2024 Lego sets

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Lego Super Mario Bowser Express Train

The Bowser Express Train ($119.99/£104.99 • 1392 pieces):

Our favourite of the three new Lego Super Mario sets arriving next month has plenty of characters and features. It’s ideal for kids still making brick-built levels to tackle. But it’s also the closest thing we’ve had to a Lego Super Mario display set. And even though Lego Mario’s dead eyes still look terrifying when he’s switched off, you can distract everyone from the horror by rolling the train along and watching the spoke puff bob up and down. Choo-choo! 

Also coming in 2025: Lego Super Mario Kart. Vrrrrmmm!

April 2024 Lego sets

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Lego Batman Animated

Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City ($299.99/£259.99 • 4210 pieces):

A suitably flat set for the most 2D Batman, which you can wall-mount or place on a shelf. It’s packed full of details. You get brick-built takes on Arkham Asylum, Gotham City Court and the Bat Signal. A quartet of minifigs – Batman, The Joker, Harley Quinn and Catwoman – are included to look on approvingly. And there are a few interactive elements too, such as the world’s tiniest Lego Batmobile. Which makes us want the rumoured Animated minifig-scale one all the more.

Recent highlights – the best of 2024 so far…

Lego retro camera

Retro Camera ($19.99/£17.99 • 261 pieces): Lego’s recreations of old kit (consoletypewritergrand piano) are usually wallet-thumpingly expensive. Not here. This brick-built snapper – complete with film, strap and moving lens – is pocket-money friendly. And the retro TV ‘b’ build is adorable.

Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter ($164.99/£149.99• 1369 pieces): The first ever Dune set is a giant aircraft that looks unlike anything else from Lego. The imposing and swooshable build is 57cm long. It has fold-out, flappable wings and an opening cockpit. And you get eight characters from the movie – including Baron Harkonnen and his ludicrously long robe. 

Audi S1 e-tron quattro Race Car ($26.99/£20.99 • 274 pieces): The best of March’s new minifig-scale sports cars gives you a brick-built take on the swish 2022 Audi, neatly capturing its long bonnet and large rear wing. Nice colours too. Although at the rate prices are rising, these Lego kits will soon cost as much as the real thing.

More great recent Lego sets from 2024 and 2023…

Giraffe and flamingo kit

Wild Safari Animals ($64.99/£59.99 • 780 pieces): We thought 2021’s Majestic Tiger was great, but this brick-built giraffe might have it beat. The sculpt and movement look superb. The lion ‘b’ model is roarsome too and will surely lead to many multiple purchases.

Natural History Museum ($299.99/£259.99 • 4014 pieces): The largest modular building to date gets educational, with tiny Lego exhibits depicting geology, space, fossils, and – sneakily – Lego themes (by way of a cunning collection of hats). Star of the show is a brick-built brachiosaur skeleton that towers over visitors and can be removed to go on tour, just like its British cousin, Dippy.

Avengers Tower ($499.99/£429.99 • 5201 pieces): “Avengers Assemble… this massive Lego tower” is what you’ll want to shout when confronted by this whopper of a Lego set. It recreates the famous Marvel building in fine style, with a 90cm tall build that you can fill with 31 figures, ready to partake in the inevitable CGI-fuelled battle.

And even more cracking Lego sets from 2023…


Corvette ($149.99/£129.99 • 1210 pieces): Car enthusiasts rejoice – and wallets cower: another large-scale Lego car’s ready to zoom your way. This time, it’s a fancy red 1961 Corvette. As ever, it’s packed full of details, including a detailed engine and working steering. You also get to choose between a hard top or an open top, if you’re the kind of Corvette fan who wants the wind in their face rather than a roof over your bonce.

Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull ($39.99/£34.99 • 577 pieces): Having filled shelves with the heads (sorry, helmets) of Star Wars and Marvel types, Lego’s now trying the same thing with a long-dead dino bonce. And it looks pretty great – all toothy goodness – although the footprint looks out of scale. Perhaps it’s a print from the T. rex’s lunch?

Concorde ($199.99/£169.99 • 2083 pieces): An engineering masterpiece becomes a Lego masterpiece, complete with tiltable nose and realistically cramped seating. Probably don’t try swooshing this metre-long model around, though, or you’ll have an aviation disaster on your hands. Or, rather, in pieces on the floor.

Yamaha MT-10 SP ($239.99/£199.99 • 1478 pieces): This beefy Yamaha bike gets the Technic treatment, which means authentic details, such as a 4-cylinder engine and functional steering. And there’s a stand for when you’re not vrooming it along the desk when no-one’s looking..

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