Black Friday: Everything you need to know

Bringing you all the know-how you need for the year's biggest shopping event

Have you had your eye on a new 4k TV? Or maybe you’ve been hankering after a new tech delight for a while, but the price tag has kept you away.

Well, Black Friday is coming to swoop in and save you a pretty penny with some deals.

Whether you love or loathe Black Friday’s frenzy of deals, a good bargain is never a bad thing and some of the biggest tech deals can be found in November.

So, join us as we run down everything you need to know about the biggest shopping event of the year.

When is it?

This year Black Friday lands on November 23rd, which is of course a Friday, but that doesn’t mean it’ll only be a day of deals. Black Friday has grown to beastly proportions and now marks the start of what is often a month-long deal extravaganza, with some offers lasting well past the original date.

What is it?

Black Friday has become the biggest shopping event of the year, with many discounted prices on offer for some of the hottest items on the market. It originally started in America to follow the Thanksgiving holiday, but thanks to Amazon, it made its way over to the UK and beyond.

Now it’s spread to some of the biggest retailers, with Curry’s/PC World, John Lewis, Argos and GAME offering up some big savings during the onslaught of deals.

How do I get best the deals?

Knowing your market will go a long way to helping you secure the best deal. If you’re after something in particular, doing some research to see which retailers stock the item in question will help you land the best deal.

While Amazon will have a wide variety of deals, many retailers will now offer up discounts, so don’t just stick to the same places every time or you could miss out on bigger savings. Using price comparison sites are a very helpful way of making sure you’re getting the best deal you can bag yourself.

PriceSpy, can do a lot of the groundwork for you. By simply typing in what you’re after, it will pull up a list of all the retailers and their price tags for you and make sure you’re getting the best deal. 

It can also be worth downloading some apps to help get even more savings during the big shopping event. Coupon apps like Honey are a great way of landing yourself some huge savings for online retailers.

Doing some prep work by creating a wishlist on Amazon or elsewhere of the items you want the most will help you keep your priorities in check and enable you to stay focused on finding the best deals for those goodies.

Subscribing to retailers' newsletters and following their social channels is also a good way of keeping track of upcoming deals, and it’s very useful if you’re after something those retailers' stock.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday falls on the Monday which immediately follows Black Friday, so this year it’ll be on the 26th November. It’s essentially just an extension on the Black Friday event with more deals and offers. Think of it as a way of keeping the discount party going for as long as possible.

Anything else I need to know?

If you’re feeling brave enough to venture out and join the shopping crowds, it’s worth noting that some bricks and mortar stores will offer deals you can’t find online. In recent years, GAME has served up different deals in store compared to online.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’re witnessing a colossal price drop, but RRP prices can be manipulated by retailers, so focus on the price and pop onto a price comparison site to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Amazon always has big reductions and if you’ve been holding out getting your hands on some Alexa powered tech like the Amazon Echo, Amazon’s smart home range will likely be getting the discounted price treatment. Esepcially after the barrage of new products it's just launched including a new Echo show, dot, and bizarrely a blinking microwave!  

Black Friday is always a winner if you’re after a new TV too. If you’ve yet to upgrade to 4K, it’s worth holding out until the sales hit. 

Shop smart and good luck!