Share a scary story in two sentences and this X-Mini speaker could be yours!

Be short, be concise, and most importantly, make sure it’s Scary Stuff

"I turned over, hugged her from behind and opened my eyes. That's when I noticed my wife was standing at the door."

The trick to telling a terrifying story isn’t about being descriptive. You’ve got to build up the suspense and drop the bombshell.

If you think you can scare better than us with two sentences, prove it. Tell us your scariest story that’ll send chills down our spine in two sentences, and you could win an X-mini ME Thumbsize speaker. All the better to record your ghastly tales as a podcast and hide it during a Halloween party to haunt everyone.

Now that we’ve got your interest, how do you share your scary story? Submit your story here and don’t forget to enter your contact details too. Else, you’ll have another terrifying tale about missing out on your prize to add to the collection of horror stories.

All entries must be submitted by 20 October, 11.59pm. The story that makes us look over our shoulders every minute and gives us sleepless nights will be declared the winner.

So go forth and pen those scary thoughts right now. This could be your ticket to becoming a self-published ghost story writer. And when you become famous, remember where you got your Scary Stuff from.