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Best sunglasses 2022: top shades for a squint-free summer

How to shield your peepers in style

Clear skies might be cause for wide-eyed celebration, but squinting is no way to spend those precious sunny days. Want to embrace the weather in shaded style? You need a pair of the best sunglasses. Which is exactly what this guide is here to provide.

From cycling shields to recycled shades, the list below features our pick of the top sunglasses for every fairweather pursuit – whether that’s hiking up hills or perching in pub gardens.

There are frames fit for every face, taste and budget – plus some handy buying tips to help you pick the perfect pair. Sunshine sold separately.

Buying tips

Big eyes

Ill-fitting frames aren’t friends for your face. Some shades ship in different sizes, while others can be tweaked to fit your temples. Blessed with a bigger bonce? Check that the measurements can accommodate your cranium.

Clear eyes

Clarity isn’t the only consideration when it comes to lenses. Polarisation reduces glare, while tints change the way you see the world. Some sunnies let you switch inserts for colour emphasis to suit different scenes.

Wide eyes

Not all noggins are shaped the same. Keen to pick a style that compliments your kisser? Nothing beats trying frames for real. Failing that, many brands offer virtual fittings – or free returns for shades that make your mug look funny.

Heavy eyes

Active glasses are usually lightweight, hitting the scales at around 25g. Some classic styles sit heavier on the bridge of your sniffer, while smart specs can weigh 50g or more. Materials make a big difference.

Sustainable sunnies

The bio blinkers: Bird Suma

Some squinters serially misplace their shades. Helpfully, these standout sunnies should be hard to forget. An angular take on a classic shape, they pair a marbled finish with sustainable sandalwood temples. And if you do lose your Sumas, you can at least feel free from eco guilt: their plastic-free frames can biodegrade within three years.

The fishy frames: Waterhaul Pentire

Angling for eco eyewear? Dangle a rod for long enough and you might reel in some jettisoned specs. Or if you don’t have time to trawl, try these lightweight frames – crafted entirely from recycled fishing nets. Saltwater-resistant and shipped in a cork case, each sea-saving pair also supports marine cleaning workshops. And if your green deeds leave you feeling big-headed, you can heat the Pentires to fit your inflated ego.

The wooden wayfarers: Bear Essentials Maverick

Most bears don’t wear sunglasses, but even Pooh needs ocular protection when he strays from the shade of the forest. These timber specs don’t betray his woodland home: hewn from sustainably sourced Zebrano and walnut, each hardwood frame features a unique natural pattern. Plus every pair purchased plants a tree, so you’ll be helping to expand the Hundred Acre Wood.

Sporty specs

The running wraps: SunGod Ultras

Squinting while sprinting is a shortcut to a stumble. See clearly while you stride with these streamlined jogging goggles. Featherweight and frameless, they sit light at 26g – yet four nose pad options guarantee a bounce-free fit. Recycled plastic arms reduce the environmental impact, while sharp 8KO Nylon lenses limit the risk of a 5K collision.

The revamped rings: Oakley Re:SubZero

Old-school shades are nothing new, but these multi-sport specs are more than a retro revival. Fronted by a single sculpted shield, the Re:SubZero are etched to echo the twin-lens originals of the Nineties. Distinctive by design and equipped with colour-boosting Prizm optics, they come in four gleaming schemes – though only the black variant will give you vintage Vin Diesel vibes.

The pedal peepers: Rapha Explore

Flair eyewear alone won’t improve your trial times, but these stylish cycling specs do more than look the part. Their classy chassis is capped by a one-piece panel which enhances contrast and adapts to changing light – ideal for spotting obstacles on dappled rides. A removable strap also means they’re down to dangle, while anti-fogging tech should stop hot air from blinding you on the climb.

Smart shades

The social shooters: Ray-Ban Stories

One day we’ll capture snaps simply by blinking. For now, Ray-Ban’s clever specs pap first-person pics using 5MP cameras either side of your face. One tap is all it takes to shoot your view, with an LED alerting onlookers that you’re rolling. You can’t livestream, but you can sync stills and square vids straight to the Facebook View app – plus three mics and two speakers mean you can call your pals to pitch for likes.

The tuneful temples: Bose Frames Tenor

Our Dumbo flaps bear quite the daily burden. These sonic sunnies reduce the load on your lugs by combining sound with sun protection. Polarised lenses take care of your peepers, while speakers in the arms supply the soundtrack. OpenAudio smarts also allow the outside world in, without sacrificing that fabled Bose quality – so you’ll be aware of any traffic trying to squash your private party.

The swappable speakers: Anker Soundcore Frames

As any fashionista knows, sunglass styles change with the season. Want specs you can switch in an instant? These smart glasses come in ten modular styles, so you can go from wayfarer to aviator as you like. Simply swap the front and keep the arms, which harbour flexible hinges, touch controls and a quartet of speakers for immersive OpenSurround sound.