21 awesome PS4 tips, tricks and hidden features

9/10) Make it work while sleeping

You can tell your PS4 to do a couple of handy things when it’s in Rest Mode - namely allow it to charge your controllers when you’re not using them, and automatically download updates - a handy feature which saves you from waiting ages to play a game while you wait for updates and patches to download.

To make your PS4 more useful when it’s sleeping, go to Settings, Power Saving Settings, and once again, go to Set Features Available in Rest Mode. Select Supply Power to USB Ports and Stay Connected to the Internet, and you’re sorted.

11) Use your remote to turn it on (and off)

Pretty self explanatory this one. Go to Settings, System, and Enable HDMI Device Link. Check this, then head over to your TV settings and turn on the correct settings.

Handily all manufacturers have different names for this particular setting, and they’re all listed in the video above.

12) Share your exploits

Ever played so well you think the whole world can benefit from watching your exploits, live? Yeah, us too.

To do that, hit the Share button (big shocker there), then Broadcast Gameplay. Sign into your your streaming service of choice, and, well that’s pretty much it. 

You can also swap between a standard view or a view with comments and number of viewers on the right (for Twitch, at least). Oh, and don’t forget to give a shoutout to your mother.