As more smartphones companies choose to not provide the option of a headphone jack, many are forced to spend a small fortune just so they can enjoy listening to their favourite podcast or music on their smartphones. Unexpectedly, Lenovo has thrown in their lot to provide their solution in the form of Lenovo Air that doesn’t cost a bomb and can survive one.


One of the main reasons for anybody to opt for wireless audio devices is to avoid tangled wires and the hassle of wearing neckbands or headphones. The goal is to have a wireless audio device that is as non-intrusive as possible. The Lenovo Air provides a seamless experience while pairing with your smartphone. There is no need for you to download any additional apps to connect them. Perfect for those not loyal to only one brand. There are no connectivity issues when using the earbuds and is strong even in spaces with a lot of walls or barriers, which come between the earbuds and your phone.

The Lenovo Air Earbuds come with IPX5 rating. This means it is water & sweat resistant to a certain degree. It can resist water splashes but it is not recommended for use underwater. The IPX5 rating assures that it is perfectly suitable for exercise. While made out of plastic, the earbuds are easy on the eyes and won’t stand out too much. It also doesn’t mind being tossed about and does not need to be handled with delicate care, unlike other more expensive models.

The only issue regarding the build quality is the charging case. It is rather awkward to slide out the case in order to access the earbuds. It makes for a rather uneasy opening and closing with a mechanism that requires you to slide all the way up or down - before the magnets take into effect to close the case securely. It is also rather bulky to carry around in your pocket and may draw unwanted attention to your “bulge.”

However, the large charging case does come with the benefit of an extended battery life of 9 hours!


The Lenovo Air Earbuds are a great choice to eliminate all your distaste for wires and they are super lightweight. This is a type of convenience that you might not get to experience with traditional (non-true wireless) Bluetooth earphones or wired headphones. The buttons on the earbuds are robust but may need a harder exertion to register the button clicks.

In terms of comfort, the nozzles on the tip of the earbud are angled and are of perfect length. You are provided with four pair of ear tips from which you can choose to replace to your preference.

In many cases, the major problem with wireless earbuds is the pressure that is caused by incorrect fitting in your ear canal. Most companies design them to be tight-fitting in such a way that you wouldn’t lose them while in the outdoors. As for the Lenovo Air, the earbuds sit perfectly well in the ear and can be used with confidence, such as when you’re running or working out. Battery life on its own is only 3 hours at best though.


We gave a few hours of burn-in time before testing the Lenovo Air. It performed decently considering the price tag. The audio reproduction is great and the vocals are clear. The major drawback in terms of the audio quality is the “bass”. If you’re a bass lover then the Lenovo Air is not for you.

It has a 6 mm graphene vocal unit which mainly focuses to reproduce the original sound quality and make them seem more natural. Normally in “extra bass” earphones, they tend to stimulate and emphasize the lower ends of the audio spectrum. Personally, I prefer a more balanced sound that the Lenovo Air is surprisingly able to churn out from its drivers.

Audio leakage is apparent but that can be somewhat easily remedied by adjusting the earbud size for a tighter fit.


In conclusion, The Lenovo Air is not perfect but it has managed to concede the right mixture of features to be available at its price point. And for that, the Lenovo Air is a good choice if you are looking for an affordable wireless earbud with robust build quality and balanced sound, all for a fair and reasonable price.

Stuff says... 

Lenovo Air Review review

Great budget wireless earbuds that give you best bang for your buck. Not to mention it has amazing build quality.
Good Stuff 
Over 9 Hours Battery Life with case
Great Value
Bad Stuff 
3 Hours Battery Life on its own
Bass could be more present
Case design could be more compact