Razer's range of mice for gaming has always been known to be some of the best in the market to date. Even more so as the mice will always have an extra edge to it due to its enhanced technology to ensure a smoother and more comfortable gaming experience, and that's what the Razer Mamba series is about.

We got our hands on the Razer Mamba Elite but it's noteworthy to point out how it differs from the normal Mamba and the Tournament Edition before we touch on the Elite version only. The normal Mamba is a wireless mouse using a laser sensor for more accurate movements and also comes with an adjustable click force, which makes it the most expensive in the series. The Tournament edition isn't wireless and doesn't have an adjustable click force, but it has the laser sensor and some cool Omron switches with 50 million clicks source, and it's also a lot cheaper than the former.

The differences between the original Mamba and the Tournament editionThe differences between the original Mamba and the Tournament editionSo how about the Razer Mamba Elite? Well, for starters it's similar to the Tournament Edition, but it uses a 5G optic sensor instead of a laser sensor. This is a major factor as some may say this means less accuracy due to optic sensors being less sensitive, and I would agree with them as I did notice a slight delay in movements while gaming, though not enough for it to pull me out of the session.

The biggest attraction for the Mamba Elite though is that it has a hybrid on-board memory and cloud storage, which means that whatever settings you set up (be it which buttons you set as controls, or even the chroma colours you want for the mouse), the mouse will remember it no matter which PC you use.

The design of the Elite is similar to the Tournament edition, which means Elite edition is also wired.  So if you're sure that it won't get in the way of your gaming experience, this is definitely worth looking into. Personally, a wired mouse tends to make the desk a lot messier and gets in the way a lot, so despite the Elite edition being one of the most powerful mouse I've ever used, the wire does get in the way of my gaming experience a lot.

In terms of appearance and shape, the Mamba is incredibly comfortable and perfect for hours of gaming as it's large, long and light. I do have an issue with the DPI buttons as I tend to accidentally press on those when reaching for the scroll, but thankfully this isn't during gameplay. I will admit that this is a gorgeous mouse, and the changing colours and the customisation aspect is definitely a big plus for me.

All in all, the Razer Mamba Elite is a great mouse to use if it suits your style of gameplay; with wires and optic sensor instead of the wireless and laser sensor options. It's also a great mouse to have if you're the type to game on different PCs, seeing how the Elite edition comes with memory to maintain the setup you want.

The Razer Mamba Elite is available on their official retail store on Lazada and is being sold at RM355, which is cheaper than the original Mamba, but is still pricier than the Tournament edition.

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Razer Mamba Elite review

The Mamba Elite is cheaper than the original Mamba, but is still pricier than the Tournament edition. It’s definitely a step up from the Razer DeathAdder, though the Mamba Elite lacks the laser sensor that makes it a bigger preference for heavy gamers. It’s still gorgeous to look at, and best for on-the-go gamers who wants a mouse that remembers their needs.
Good Stuff 
Gorgeous to see, comfortable to hold
Customisable colours and settings
Installed memory means always the same settings anywhere
Bad Stuff 
Uses optic laser instead of laser sensor
DPI buttons can be accidentally pressed on a lot
No adjustable click force