ZTE’s mobile goes modular

Motorola isn’t the only one that getting into the modular mobile game

A couple of months back, Motorola announced that they’re working on a modular smartphone codenamed Project Ara. We’ve yet to see any hints of what it’ll look like even in this CES but ZTE has also decided to jump into the whole modular smartphone bandwagon.

Called the Eco-Mobius, the concept showed that ZTE could replicate stuff like the battery, display, camera and a core module that’ll have components like the processor, RAM, storage and graphics processor.

Unfortunately, according to the report by the Verge, ZTE officials made it clear that this was just a concept and they had no plans of yet to develop the phone.

It’s quite a shame though as the Eco-Mobius does have a pretty attractive design and the possibilities for both upgrades and personalisation seem to be quite interesting.

We’ll just have to wait for Project Ara to come to being as Motorola has at least committed itself to the whole modular concept. 

Source: The Verge