Xolo releases teaser of new black phone with twin camera

Xolo is said to be releasing a series of black smartphones

A video has been released on Youtube by phone maker Xolo that shows a small tease of their new upcoming smartphone. The main point of the video is to tell consumers that the phone will be stain and smudge free.

What was really interesting was at  the end of the video when they showed a render of the phone there seemed to be what looked like a twin camera. Having a twin camera could be good news for those who shoot video with smartphones. 3D video perhaps? All we know is that the device supports 4G LTE and will run the new Hive 1.5 UI based on Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Earlier this month Xolo announced they will be releasing The Black series smartphones and this could be the first of a line of black smartphones by Xolo that will be sold on Flipkart.

[source : GSMArena]