Xiaomi's latest product surprise: a washing machine

Portable washing machine lets you select from 14 washing modes with an app

Xiaomi's collaborations with other manufacturers often lead to unexpected products: like its latest portable washing machine, for instance.

The company has developed a portable washing machine with company Minij, which specialises in mini washing machines and refrigerators. How portable is portable? It weighs about 34kg though we reckon it'll weigh more once you add your washing to it.

A front-loading drum type, it is 500mm wide, about 630mm tall with a 415mm thickness and can support a 2.8kg load. It runs on an Amotec Kore DD inverter motor and get this - its Suspa shock absorbers were made by the same company that also makes absorbers for the Mercedes Benz E-Class.

How is this smart? Well, you can control it with an app and select from 14 laundry modes, including a high temperature cooking wash that can reach up to 95 Celsius, which is said to provide up to 99.99 per cent sterilisation and kill bacteria such as Staphylococcus and E. coli.

It'll be on sale on Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform for RMB1499 (RM900). 

[Source: GizmoChina]