Twitter quietly testing out 'Buy Now' button

Mobile Tweets linking back to company Fancy could be beginning of more Twitter monetisation
Twitter quietly testing out 'Buy Now' button

Mobile Twitter users might have spotted something new on the social media service: a 'Buy Now' button. It hasn't been officially announced as yet but with Twitter quietly adding more ads and rumoured to be looking into more revenue streams, this isn't a surprise.

The question is who else would be on board the 'you can buy the cool stuff you see on Twitter' bandwagon? Online retailers? Luxe brands? Or the obvious: tech companies.

Too easy to spend money on social media

Twitter quietly testing out 'Buy Now' button

Re/code first spotted the buttons though apparently the buttons do not currently work. You also can only seem them on mobile and attempts to spot the buttons on the web version and expanded view showed nothing. Apparently the buttons are still in testing mode and might have been accidentally released online.

Twitter might have to talk to the company Fancy a bit more since it seems this isn't the first time Fancy has accidentally let slip Twitter-related tidbits.

WSJ has also said that Twitter was also branching out with more different ads, including the type that would let you buy things by clicking them. The same report also claims Twitter could also be testing a button that would help users connect to advertisers.

Twitter's been busy this year, looking at music again and revamping the user profile to look like Facebook's. You might also soon be able to 'whisper' on the service as well.

Good news for Twitter addicts as the service seems to be doing its best to stay alive and not die on us.

[Source: Mashable]

[Image credit: Re/code]