MacBook line refresh coming soon, sleeker laptops expected

UPDATE: New MacBooks are coming, but not in September

It seems the latest rumoured feature to come to the MacBook is Touch ID: on the Macbook power button.

Seems that the Macbook is going to take some of its cues from the iPhone, but apart from that new authentication method there is not a lot to go on right now. What will be interesting is if Apple decides to refresh its MacBook Pro line, which hasn't seen changes in over a year.

The latest rumours say though that Apple is going to overhaul the MacBook range to make it slimmer and lighter, in the vein of the current 12in MacBook models.

Also rumoured are an OLED touch bar, Thunderbolt and USB Type-C, the latter two making an appearance in the new MacBook Airs and MacBook Pro.

Perhaps the rumours will be confirmed during the next iPhone launch, which is still a month or so away. We'll let you know once we've confirmed what other features are coming to Apple's premium notebooks.

UPDATE: Bloomberg qoting unnamed personnel who had been testing the new laptops, also reported on the coming of a refreshed MacBook line. Apparently AMD will be providing graphics processors for these new machines, that will be much thinner than the existing range.

AMD was chosen as its GPU chips were said to be thinner than rival NVIDIA, though Intel will likely be providing the processors for the laptops. The new laptops will also most likely be running the latest version of OS X: Sierra.

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