Soon You Don't Need Passwords, Just An Android Phone To Log In To Google

Use your fingerprint sensor or even lock screen authentication

You can soon take your security on your Android phone to the next level as you can instead use the device to log in to any Google property instead of keying in your password. This means you can use the fingerprint or lock screen authentication to access Google services and it will be available to those on version 7 and later of Google’s mobile operating system.

Before this the Android style of login was only used for only selected services such as Google Pay.

The only limitation now is that the service is available only for Google’s Password Manager property, and even then it's only when people are using selected Android models. Over the next few days, the feature will be available to all Android 7 and above devices. Google has no timeline for when people will be able to use the feature when signing in to Gmail, other Google properties, or for non-Google sites.

This new sign-in method uses the industry-wide FIDO2, W3C WebAuthn, and FIDO CTAP standards jointly developed over the past few years by a long list of companies. The standards are designed to slowly wean the world off its reliance on passwords by making it easier to use other authentication factors such as physical security keys, fingerprints, or other biometrics."

To those of you who have a device running Android version 7 or higher and want it configured to use a Google account and a “valid” screen lock can try out the new feature by doing this:

  • Open the Chrome app on the Android device
  • Navigate to
  • Choose a site to view or manage a saved password
  • Follow the instructions to confirm that it’s you trying to sign in