Samsung's red tint fix has started rolling out in Europe and India

Peace of mind for those still waiting for their Galaxy S8 units

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has gotten rave reviews but there have been complaints of a reddish tint to the screen. A software fix has started rolling out in a few countries, and will likely be global soon.

A simple tweak

While the Galaxy S8 already allows you to tweak the red, green and blue colour values in the settings, the update will allow (according to Samsung) "improved colour optimisation and convenient colour adjustment".

A 426MB download, the patch is already available in Europe and has been rolling out to India.

As far as flaws go, this isn't a deal breaker as with a software tweak, the reddish tint can be made to go away. With the patch, the slider for RGB has been moved to the Advanced section in settings alongside a new Screen Edge Colour Balance setting that will let you tweak the tint on the edges of the screen (reportedly where the reddish tint appears most).

If you have a unit, to check when/if the download is available, simply head over to Settings>Software updates>Download manually.

What do we think of the Galaxy S8 so far? It's definitely the best Samsung's created if not one of the best phones of the year. Check out our review to get a taste.

[Source: Androidauthority]