Samsung’s Powerbot VR9000 robot vacuum cleaner sucks up dirt, chases lasers

It’s like having your own pet vacuum

You know how the military in movies always paint targets with lasers for precision bombing? You can do that now with the VR9000, only it’ll clean instead of destroy.

Who’s a clever boy?

While it can’t play fetch, the VR9000 can however map your entire home and calculate the optimum cleaning route, thanks to its 10 powerful onboard sensors and digital camera. It’s even got a FullView Sensor to detect any obstacles, avoiding them automatically as it cleans around them.

And clean it will, with suction power that’s purportedly 60 times more powerful than Samsung’s regular hoovers. All that dust and debris won’t clog up the VR9000’s filters either, thanks to Samsung’s CycloneForce technology that uses centrifugal force to keep the filter clear for maximum cleaning power at all times.

Game of cat and mouse

If there are any tough spots that require the VR9000’s added attention, all you have to do is use the Point Cleaning remote controller to pinpoint that exact location. It does this by projecting a small target laser on the floor, and you can even get the little robot vacuum to chase it across any dirt trails.

Now for some real fun, get both your cat and the VR9000 together for some laser-focussed fun. When will that happen? Pricing and availability for this fun bot will be made known at a later date.