Samsung is using emoji to create a whole new language

A new app that translates texts to emoji makes for a new way to communicate

We love emoji because they help express our emotions better. It's a visual representation of the emotions that form a text message – emotions that we may be unable or just too lazy to convey through words.

Samsung has brilliantly identified this intrinsic quality and realised how beneficial it would be for people with language disorders, like aphasia. With a new app they’ve created called Wemogee, those with language disorders are able to talk to their loved ones using emoji-based messages that are clear and easy to understand.

What Samsung has done with the help of professional speech therapists is translate sentence units from texts into emoji which accurately capture the meaning of sentences. Users can choose between two modes of communication: visual or textual. With visual, users send emoji-based messages. This is the amazing part; those on the receiving end will see it as emoji if they’re visual, or translated into sentences if they are textual. The same works the other way round, for ease of communication between both groups. Magic.

Simple yet important questions like “how are you?” are translated by the app into a smiley face, an “ok” hand gesture and a question mark within one message bubble. The Wemogee video showcased more complicated translations too, like “I got the promotion!”, which is conveyed by an emoji of an office building, a gold medal, a smiley and an exclamation mark. It's logical and easy to understand with a bit of familiarisation.

There are limitations though; users have to select from templates and dialogue from a list already installed into the app. That means you won't be able to express very specific things, but enough has been done to ensure users enjoy general to moderately detailed discussions. Experts have sorted messages into general categories like emotions, food, emergencies and activities, which does its best to cover a lot of our common interactions. These are essential needs and thoughts that those with disorders may find hard to convey in the slightest. Good on you, Samsung.

Intrigued? Download Wemogee for Android. Apple users, hang tight, an iOS app is on its way.