Rumour: Huawei P40 May Actually Be Cheaper Than The P30

And yes, it's all because of Google

With plenty of rumours and hype built up for the upcoming P40, we can be sure that the device is going to be filled with the latest tech from Huawei which would normally hike the price up from its previous iteration which was our initial prediction. But it looks like this may not be the case with the Huawei P40 and yes, it's all because of the lack of Google Mobile Services (GMS).

Leakster @RODENT950 revealed his expectations that the Huawei P40 will start at €600 (~RM2695), making the P40 Pro base price at €800 (~RM3593). There will be a third model this year, Huawei P40 Pro Premium edition, that should be €1,000 (~RM4491) at launch. For reference, the Huawei P30 Pro launched at a price of €1,000 last year, while P30 started at €800. While this is the mere words of someone's predictions, his words may hold some water to it.

To recap, the Huawei P30 Pro retails at RM2999 currently, a step up from the P20 Pro's price of RM2899, so our prediction was that the price of the P40 Pro would go from RM3000. Considering that these prices are already significantly lower than the ones in Europe, it's possible that nothing will change in this aspect.

What's causing this price drop predictions in Europe though? As it turns out, the lack of GMS may actually make the device a lot more cheaper as Google reportedly charges up to USD$40 (~RM163) per phone for a GMS license for devices sold in Europe. As Huawei is unable to gain this license, they forfeit this extra cost, making it a lot more cheaper. Whether this will include countries outside of Europe is uncertain, considering how many Android users around the world are dependent on apps such as YouTube and Facebook.

If the price does drop in Malaysia due to the lack of GMS, could it be possible for Malaysians to be interested in the P40? Considering how the Mate 30 series did in Malaysia, the answer seems to be: it's possible.