Roku's latest OS update lets you follow shows, movies, and more across services

Track your favourites in the newly-enhanced, ever-updated feed

Got a current-gen Roku box or Roku Streaming Stick? You'll want to hear this, then: the company is about to roll out an update that makes the hardware smarter and its mobile apps more useful, to boot.

Just announced this morning, the incoming Roku OS 7 enhances the Roku Feed that first debuted this past spring. Previously, you could follow films still in cinemas and get an alert when they became available on a streaming service. Useful, certainly, but that was just the start.

Now, with the enhanced Feed in OS 7, you'll be able to follow films as well as TV shows, actors, and directors. When a movie or TV series episode is available, or the price of related content changes, you'll get an update in the feed. That way, you're able to stay atop your media with minimal effort, and potentially jump on deals as soon as they pop up.

And the Roku app for iOS and Android is about to be a lot handier, as well, thanks to an update that'll easily bring you to search, the Roku Feed, and Play on Roku functionality to access your media. And like the Roku Home Screen, you'll also get notifications on the app.

There's one other handy feature that'll make the Roku hardware's small size even more useful in certain situations: the new Hotel and Dorm Connect feature, which makes it possible to tap into Wi-Fi networks that require login credentials for use. Now you can use the iOS or Android app to tap in the login details and you'll be all set.

If you've got a current Roku player, you can expect the update to start rolling out around mid-month.