RoboHon, the tiny robot smartphone

Almost as cute as the Aibo

Meet RoboHon, Sharp’s mini robot smartphone that is super cute and adorable. But don’t let its looks deceive you as it is jam packed with lots of useful functions and features. The RoboHon has what the smartphones have, but the smartphones do not have what RoboHon has.

The robot is 390g in weight and is 19.5cm tall so don’t expect it to be slim and sleek like all the other smartphones you find out there but it has WiFi and LTE support as well as a tiny two-inch 320x240 screen at its back. It also has built in cameras with facial and voice recognition.

It can sit, get up, dance, walk and even raise its arms when it has something to tell you. It can be your alarm clock, memo recorder among other things. Just imagine an anime version of Siri, but much cuter, and much much more “robot”.

Well, it might not be Big Hero 6 but it is admittedly rather cute.

[source : Engadget]