Return of the Tamagotchi

The Japanese toy that taught us about the perils of irresponsibility makes a comeback
Return of the Tamagotchi

Back in the day, we obsessively clutched our egg-shaped Tamagotchis, fed our blobby pets under the table, and irrationally feared for their well being when they subsequently got confiscated. And now, they’re back.

Rebranded as Tamagotchi Friends, there will be an entire universe for the new breed of friend-carers to get lost in. We’re talking an interactive community for you to masquerade as a Tamagotchi Friends character and even animated webisodes to pull you deeper into the delusion.

As for the physical device, functions look to be the same (feed, bathe and play games to earn points), with ten recognisable icons outlining the character.

Characters have taken on much more defined features and personalities; we spy a fire-headed critter, and a bejewelled creature that looks slightly high-maintenance (you’ve been warned). Users can also bump devices together to allow their charges to go on playdates and earn points. Expected to hit the US late next year for US$20 (RM65) a piece, there's no word on local availability as yet. 

Given how much practice we have had pandering to the alerts from our smartphones, there’s a chance that our digital pets won’t succumb so easily to death by poop this time.

[Source: Tamagotchi Friends via Gizmodo]