Recall your drunk chat messages with Samsung's ChatOn update

The latest update to the instant messaging app wipes out embarrassing text and transfers large files
Recall your drunk chat messages with Samsung's ChatOn update

If you're a user of Samsung's own little messaging software ChatON, you might just like what Samsung's added to the 3.5 update.

You can now recall your ChatOn messages whenever, even if the recipient of said messages has already read them. Erase the evidence of your bad spelling/still being hung up over your ex in a flash.

Well, not exactly in the blink of an eye. You'll need to locate said message, press and hold it, then wait for the 'Recall' option to pop up. With a quick press of the button, hey presto! Goodbye embarrassing message.

Besides this very handy addition, the new update also adds location sharing, a bigger file sharing limit and improved message integration. 

ChatOn more relevant, but not quite WhatsApp

Recall your drunk chat messages with Samsung's ChatOn update

Samsung's ChatON location-sharing is made possible via integration with the real-time location sharing app Glympse. You can even share your routes as you travel with your ChatON friends.

As for file-sharing, Samsung's decided to up the limit to 1GB. Why someone would share that big a file on a smartphone beats us.

For convenience's sake, you can also now integrate both ChatON and SMS/MMS messages from the same sender in a single chat room.

There's also enhanced translation with the number of languages bumped to 14 after the inclusion of Arabic, Turkish, Farsi and Hindi.

ChatON, in case you didn't know, is a cross-platform messaging app by Samsung that runs on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and on the PC. So yes, even if you're not on a Samsung device, you can still use ChatON.

To get the latest ChatON update, head on over to the Play Store.

[Source: Samsung]