Product Red iPhones no longer on sale, while iTunes gets an overhaul

If you took too long to decide on a Red iPhone, the decision's been made for you

While Apple news has been dominated by the new iPhones, Apple has been quietly making other changes reflected both in its online store and its desktop iTunes app.

End of Red

While other Product Red accessories will still be sold, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Red editions have been take off the official Apple online store. There's still a likelihood local third-party distributors might have them in stock so you could ask around.

As iOS 11 is coming soon (apparently people using it in beta are already seeing a final version), it's reasonable to expect some changes where iTunes is concerned.

What's surprising though is that Apple has removed the App Store from the iTunes desktop app, which might be a welcome change as in it will reduce the bloat in the app.

It's also likely because the App Store in iOS 11 has gone through quite the revamp, making it more conducive for app promotion and proving to be a great platform for developers.

In the meantime, enjoy the more streamlined iTunes experience and anticipate the new mobile experience coming to your Apple mobile devices. 

[Source: GSMArena]