Nissan gives you the self-cleaning car of your dreams

Less car washes for you to worry about with the prototype's Ultra-Ever paint that repels grime and mud
Nissan gives you the self-cleaning car of your dreams

While some find driving a car a joy, washing it on weekends ain't. Thank Nissan, because it's testing out a new dirt-repellant paint that will likely cut down on car wash times. Or even not wash it at all.

The custom paint dubbed Ultra-Ever Dry basically creates a non-stick surface where mud, rain, dirt and oil are repelled. It’s an industrial coating that isn’t sold to consumers, with its superhydrophobic and oleophobic properties effectively keeping out most water-based and some oil-based liquids.

Its maker UltraTech International claims that the paint uses ‘omniphobic technology’ to coat objects, creating a surface and geometric textures that have ‘peaks’ or ‘high points’ that keep oil, water and liquids off.

Save water, wash your car less

It also boasts improved adhesion and abrasion resistance which makes the paint usable in conditions where greater durability is, say, for cars.

Nissan is the first company to try using Ultra-Ever Dry on vehicle bodywork, and is evaluating how well the paint holds up for long-term use and how it fares in different weather conditions. This summer, Nissan plans to test it in its England technical facility using a Nissan Versa Note for testing as you can see in the video.

If you watch the video it seems for the most part the paint does a good job keeping mud off, even when going through deep puddles. But it's still likely to get into crevices and the undercarriage, places where the paint won’t reach.

Still, unless it’s rainy weather or offroad driving, the paint looks like it'll keep your car looking shiny for much longer, saving you money and water.

Should the paint hold up under testing, Nissan will not make the paint standard (boo) but an aftermarket feature.

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