Nintendo 2DS is the stupidest thing of all the things

New handheld console ditches all the features that make the 3DS distinctive
Nintendo 2DS

What happens when you take a Nintendo 3DS and remove all the features that distinguish it from its competition?

This. This is what happens. The Nintendo 2DS is Ninty's newly-announced budget handheld console – and, for some reason, it's ditched both the 3D features of its big brother, and the ability to fold the console up so that it'll actually fit in your pocket.

As with the 3DS XL, Nintendo has bafflingly decided not to add a second analogue circle pad to the 2DS, despite some games requiring it – perhaps it'll release a gigantic add-on for this handheld console, too.

The Nintendo 2DS will, of course, play all your 3DS games in glorious 2D. And it's cheap, at £110 (RM563) – though Amazon is currently selling the 3DS for £137 (RM700), so it's not that much of a saving.

If you have capacious pockets and find 3D makes you dizzy, you can pick up the Nintendo 2DS in red or blue finishes from 12 October.