The next Google and Microsoft smartphones will have a kill switch

And you can expect the same for all future Android and Windows Phones
The next Google and Microsoft smartphones will have a kill switch

There are many new features that you might have been expecting in your next Android or Windows powered smartphones, but you probably didn't see this one coming.

Google and Microsoft have divulged that both companies will add kill switches to their future Android and Windows phones, as well as in the upcoming versions of its mobile software.

Before you go “meh” or "been there *cough*iOS*cough*, done that" and disregard their efforts, you should probably know that the sole purpose for this is to thwart theft, because with it, your mobile is equivalent to a brick if it’s been shanghaied.

And this is what you’ll want because it enables you to instantly wipe the device of all the data and other information on it if your precious device gets stolen.

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This is not a rumour

The next Google and Microsoft smartphones will have a kill switch

In confirming the move, Microsoft and Google have inked the deal with the New York Attorney General, which released a report of its "Secure Our Smartphones" initiative specifying the need for a kill switch to safeguard smartphones.  

Apple was cited as an example within the report, to attest that the feature actually works. Since Apple built the kill switch into its iPhones last year, the number of mugging incidents related to Apple products in New York City dipped by 19 per cent – according to the Attorney General.

In comparison, Samsung, which didn’t sport a kill switch then, had a 40 per cent rise in the number of devices pinched. Since then, Samsung’s included a kill switch into its mobiles but no details have been revealed if the number of robberies decreased.

When exactly Microsoft and Google will have these kill switch intact units ready is still unknown, but once they do rollout, you can be assured it'll be with your data safety in mind.

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