Malaysia, this is how you get your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from DiGi

While DiGi offers the cheapest iPhone price (RM557), it comes with a big commitment
Malaysia, this is how you get your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from DiGi

DiGi and Maxis are both first out of the block with iPhone 6 preorders and it seems both severely underestimated the demand for the phones. At precisely 12.00am, both the telcos' websites went down due to the overeager iPhone buyers.

At first glance, DiGi is offering pretty good discounts on phone prices but for more of a commitment. You might end up paying more for the phone in the long run unless you are already a DiGi customer and have no plans to be moving elsewhere.

24 months with DiGi

Malaysia, this is how you get your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from DiGi

With DiGi, there is only the option for 24 month contracts unlike with Maxis. The device plans themselves do not differ much from already existing DiGi postpaid plans.

The iPhone is bundled with iDiGi plans that differ according to monthly payment fees and data/call quotas. You have the choice of paying RM50,RM78, RM108, RM148, or RM238. The more you pay a month, the more minutes and texts you get.

Existing DiGi subscribers of 12 months or more will not need to pay advance payments, which means cost of ownership might be slightly less than new subscribers.

Here are the prices for the iPhone 6, according to storage capacity and plan. Please be reminded that there will be an additional advance payment to be made which will differ depending on plan.

16GBRM2,165 (iDiGi 50)RM1,685 (iDiGi 78)RM1,445 (iDiGi 108)RM1,181 (iDiGi 148) RM557 (iDiGi 238)

64GBRM2,500 (iDiGi 50)RM2,020 (iDiGi 78)RM1,780 (iDiGi 108)RM1,516 (iDiGi 148)RM892 (iDiGi 238)

128GBRM2,835 (iDiGi 50)RM2,355(iDiGi 78)RM2,115 (iDiGi 108)RM1,851 (iDiGi 148)RM1,227 (iDiGi 238)

For the iPhone 6 Plus, the following prices apply: 

16GBRM2,500 (iDiGi 50)RM2,020 (iDiGi 78)RM1,780 (iDiGi 108)RM1,516 (iDiGi 148)RM892 (iDiGi 238)

64GBRM2,835 (iDiGi 50)RM2,355 (iDiGi 78)RM2,115 (iDiGi 108)RM1,851 (iDiGi 148)RM1,227 (iDiGi 238)

128GBRM3,170 (iDiGi 50)RM2,690 (iDiGi 78)RM2,450 (iDiGi 108)RM2,186 (iDiGi 148)RM1,562 (iDiGi 238)

To get your iPhone, just go to DiGi's online store.

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