Upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro Might Have A Whole New Keyboard

Ditching the less than stellar keyboard of previous MacBooks.

MacBooks have a certain standard upheld by Apple and definitely expected by ardent fans. However,  the recent MacBooks haven’t been hitting their stride as much as they would’ve, from the omission of a couple of important ports, and the inclusion of a rather clunky keyboard. As such, the new MacBook Pro seems to be keen on improving on the latter.

As reported by notable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new MacBook will be replacing the clunky butterfly keyboard system that the current models of the MacBook use, and replace it with the much more durable and reliable scissor system. The difference between these systems relies on how the keys of a keyboard are connected to the base of the laptop.

The scissor system has the keys interlocking with the base through two plastic pieces that are connected in scissor-like fashion, allowing for a quieter and smoother way to click the keys that also takes less space to utilise. While Apple’s patented butterfly mechanism, which on paper is meant to improve on what the scissor system promises,  was prone to wobbling and breakage.

Overall, this is a significant quality of life change for MacBooks, and is a testament to Apple changing their usual tactics to streamline their designs to be more appealing and more universal to other consumer products. Hopefully we’ll see more of this new MacBook sometime soon.