Last day for Digi Postpaid users to claim free 888MB of data

Enjoy the free data while you can

In a surprise announcement, Digi is giving away 888MB of data to its postpaid customers, but you have to claim it from 23 Aug to 25 Aug so best you get to it by today.

Postpaid love

Why the sudden announcement of free data? Perhaps it's because it's the month of August, who knows. No strings attached either: all you need to do is have a Digi Postpaid account and you can claim the free data.

Still, there are certain caveats. To be eligible you need to be a postpaid customer with a monthly mobile Internet subscription. The data is only valid for 5 days once you redeem it. If you haven't used it up in 5 days, the data will expire.

All you need to do is either go to the Digi website or download the MyDigi Mobile app. The former is an option if you happen to run on a platform which doesn't support the MyDigi app - which means Windows Mobile users for the most part.

On the MyDigi app, you just need to login to your account, click on Add-ons, select Internet and you should see an option to select the free 888MB of data. Don't make the mistake of accidentally clicking on the options that need you to pay.

It's a pretty random announcement but hey, who's going to quibble about free data? This just means that if you have any leftover data on your current plan's quota, there'll be more of it to carry over (depending on how much you're allowed to carry over).

So if you're a data hungry users, just redeeem the data and enjoy streaming or watching heavy content on your mobile devices without eating into your current quota.