iFixit tears down OnePlus Two

The popular DIY fix-it site rated the phone 7/10 on the fixability scale

iFixit does what many of us are squeamish about doing: taking apart gadgets and then putting them back together again. Its latest subject is the OnePlus Two and the site's verdict: it's repairable, but up to a certain extent.

Easy to open up

The detailed video shows that the phone can easily be opened up with standard, not overly expensive tools. This is because it uses a non-proprietary screw head. Another bonus is that the parts of the phone also happen to be modular and can be replaced independently.

One part, however, is tricky. The phone's display and digitiser are fixed to each other and thus must be replaced as a unit, you can't replace just one. That would mean finding replacement parts a trickier and possibly more expensive affair.

To get a look at the phone's innards, just watch the video.

[Source: GSMArena]