HTC says staying out of smartwatch game

UPDATE: HTC rep denies the company is working on an Android watch for now

HTC's also pushing its own smartwatch vision it seems and word is, the company is working with Under Armour.

UPDATE 26/1/2017: According to Android Police, HTC is staying out of the smartwatch game for now. While the pictures shown were an HTC prototype, the company seems to have shelved any plans to get into the wearable game.

The HTC prototype is supposedly an old one, perhaps unearthed from storage for kicks, who knows?

Considering the lack of success of Android Wear watches so far, it might make sense HTC wants to concentrate on phones to try and gain back some marketshare after Huawei grabbed most of the Android pie last year. Despite a solid phone in the HTC 10, it was overshadowed by Huawei's P9 and Samsung's Galaxy S8 range of flagships.

HTC Sport?

Since dedicated sport watches seem to be doing slightly better than Android smartwatches, it is no surprise HTC is taking a sports stance. Under Armour being famed for its fitness clothes range, makes a good partner for HTC>

The watch has been codenamed Halfbreak and features a round display with a 360x360 resolution and a metallic bezel. Two hardware buttons also can be evidenced and the watch seems to have a heart rate scanner as well.

For the straps, the ones seen in the photos seem to be black rubber with a grate-like red inner band. While the watch is currently running Android Wear 1.3, if Android Wear 2.0 comes out first then the watch will likely launch with that version of the OS.

At the very least, let's hope that the company previews its watch soon if it is coming up with one, so it doesn't get lost in the parade of new Android watches coming.

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[Source: GizmoChina]