Honor's new phone promises Magic

UPDATE: Teaser gives small preview of what's to come for Honor's latest

UPDATE 8/12/2016: Honor has confirmed that its latest phone will be called the Honor Magic, putting up a teaser image on its website. Besides the name, little is known about the phone besides the prevaling rumours of a curved screen and modular design.

As for the official launch date, it's set to go live 16 December in China. We'll have to see whether it will herald a global release or Honor will be taking a leaf out of Xiaomi's playbook and show off a fancy concept China-only smartphone.

While LG is going to give up on a modular design for its next flagship, it seems Honor might try making its own modules.

The next Honor smartphone is apparently being announced soon and will be a departure from its usual makes.

Cheaper modules, anyone?

The phone which be announced soon is rumoured to have no speaker nor a camera - these will have to be bought separately. A bold move and it's uncertain how consumers will react to that.

Samsung is apparently producing a curved display for it, and it will also feature Huawei's fast-charging tech. No other details of the new phone have been revealed.

As Honor is Huawei's budget arm, the modules could be reasonably priced and the base model will likely not cost as much if a camera and speaker is removed.

How could Honor succeed where LG failed? Likely they could win in the price point - if Honor can sell multiple modules and undercut the pricing of the new Motos, which have modules that cost as much as a standalone phone, Honor might just have a winning proposition on its hands.

Stay tuned for the announcement this week.

[Source: Digitaltrends]