Got an older Lumia phone? Windows 10 should arrive this month

Better late than never, Microsoft

If you're still hobbling along on an outdated version of Windows phone, hope for an update could finally be in sight.

Microsoft is apparently planning to roll out the Windows 10 Mobile update for existing Lumia smartphones later this month.

Evan Blass over at Venturebeat has seen some internal Microsoft files that seemingly confirm a March release is on the cards - and seeing as this is the man behind @evleaks, we're inclined to believe him.

Windows Phone 10 has been a long time coming for a lot of Lumia phones. Microsoft was originally planning to release it in December, and then a February roll out came and went with no sign of a download.

Legacy Lumia owners will have to wait until the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL get their March updates, and then they'll be able to opt in for a download to their own phone.

It's unlikely this initial update will be bug-free, so Microsoft won't be pushing it to all phones until it's had the chance to fix any issues that appear at launch.

Unfortunately the update almost definitely won't be adding features like Continuum, which turns your phone into a basic desktop PC - older handsets just don't have the hardware to support it.

The prospect of Universal apps, shared across desktop and mobile, has started taking shape though - meaning there could still be life in the operating system yet.

If you're still hanging on to an older Lumia phone, though, this could be the reason to keep it in your pocket for a few months more.