Google's goal is to be your best friend during the World Cup

Get all the World Cup information you need in less time than it takes to crack open a beer
Google's goal is to be your World Cup best friend

With the World Cup starting very, very soon, Google is all ready to make sure it's the first place you visit for World Cup details. Google is making it very easy by setting up a dedicated page at

The page is part of its Google Trends that will offer up real-time information on what's going on with players, teams and matches during the tournament. Also find out what is trending world and how fellow World Cup fans are doing. Are the home team supporters feeling optimistic? Do people agree with you the referee made a pretty bad call?

If you'd just rather get down to business, Google now makes it so that a simple search for 'world cup' or 'world cup usa' will display team lineups before given matches, live scores and even the latest information on player stats and goals. Or just keep updated via Google Now, even. There's now an option to add cards to the Google Now page so you can see stats on each match, which you can tap for even more details.

Google takes you there, almost

Google's goal is to be your World Cup best friend

Most of us won't be there in person to watch the World Cup but Google tries to take you to Brazil anyway with Street View in Google Maps where you'll get to look at the tournament's 12 stadiums and say you've seen Brazil's painted streets.

But if Google isn't enough, here's our handy guide to getting World Cup updates via Twitter.

Do you agree with EA's prediction that Germany will win it this time? Jury's still out for that but what's certain is that the World Cup's seen some pretty cool swag including a very interesting bag and cool football boots.

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