Google Launches New Hyper Social Media, Shoelace

Hypercharging your lifestyle.

Google may not have had a hit on their hands when they launched Google+, their solution to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, which they launched back in 2011 and subsequently shut down earlier this year. Of course, knowing that everyone uses their platforms to send emails with Gmail and organise outings through their Google Calendar, the Internet giant is taking another stab at social media with their latest endeavour.

This new social media app is named Shoelace, which is aimed at organising local meet-ups and events. Basically, by listing your interrests and area, you can find and connect with people and events instantly. Going with the shoelace theme, these local activities are called Loops, and the app will help you find and RSVP the perfect Loop for you. 

So far, this app seems to be primarily focused on connecting folks in big cities to get together for events and parties, it seems less focused on small town endeavours, though that might change once it is out of the testing phase. Naturally, it is currently under testing in New York City, and will soon branch out to other major cities in the U.S.

Overall, this seems to be a natural extension of what we use Google for, so hopefully this app ddoes take off and reaches us here in Malaysia. It would be nice to know the happenings of the city inn a dedicated app.