Patents Reveal Google’s Plans For A Smartwatch With Camera

Could this be the rumoured Pixel watch?

Google has been having a pretty busy year so far; from steadily making their apps better and better, to the upcoming launch of their first ever video game console, the Google Stadia. While their Pixel phones are touted as some of the best Android smartphones in the market, it has long been rumoured that Google is also looking to enter the smartwatch market as well.

A new patent has surfaced that points to Google’s plans coming to fruition, thanks to the fine folks on Dutch website LetsGoDigital. This patent was actually made back in July 2017, with the patent calling this design a “Camera Watch”. The included diagrams point to this proposed watch to come with a punch-hole camera right on the face of this watch.

Now the top of the line smartwatches currently out right now, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch and the Apple Watch, all do not feature cameras at all. Samsung initially had cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Gear 2, while Apple was rumoured to add cameras on their Apple Watch thanks to their own patents that was uncovered earlier this year. 


Not many details of this proposed Pixel Watch has come to light just yet, though maybe 2020 will finally be the year that Google finally makes a smartwatch. If every Samsung and Apple flagship can be paired up with its own smartwatch, then Google’s Pixel line should have one too.