Google Maps updates brings Street View, Uber integration and lots more

Huge new update gives you even more reason to ditch those dedicated GPS navigation apps
Google Maps updates brings Street View, Uber integration and lots more

Google has been pretty busy updating its Maps application, with plenty of sightings of Street View vehicles capturing data and disturbing privacy boffins. What's come to the desktop version is now making its way to the mobile apps, both iOS and Android, in a really big update.

The Big G brought back the pegman as well as added traffic updates to the desktop version, but the mobile version will be more about real-time navigation.

Stay in your lane, says Google

Google Maps updates brings Street View, Uber integration and lots more

Google's already had turn-by-turn and voice navigation, but the new lane navigation now helps you stay on the correct lane instead of, oh, taking the overpass when you should be on the road running parallel right below it. This feature, however, is only available to US users for now.

And no need to worry about travelling to places with spotty data coverage, as you can now save offline maps and even name them for easy reference. Besides saving maps, you can also save places you've visited and find them again on handy Google cards.

The app also now supports integration with countries that support the taxi service Uber so you can choose the Uber option from within your Maps app and be taken straight to Uber.

A handy addition is its search filter that lets you search for nearby eateries and the like, viewing opening times and locations straight from your phone so you can get to a restaurant before the last call for orders.

In select locations, Google Maps even has transit times for trains which is ridiculously useful when travelling abroad. Speaking of travelling abroad, Street View is now available for mobile so you can zoom into your next holiday destination.

Of course, Nokia's Here applications has had offline maps since forever as well as turn-by-turn navigation but we're looking forward to proper traffic updates live on your Google mobile Maps without having to go on Waze. We'd say the app is worth updating for the lane navigation alone.

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