Google Feud is a game of autocomplete that makes you question the world's sanity

You’ll never guess how people are autocompleting “Where can you buy human…”

Google's autocomplete suggestions have been making us snigger all this time, and now there's a game based on it.

Based off Google search’s API on which people have been asking their deepest darkest questions for years, it makes you guess the ten most popular autocomplete suggestions to a question. You get three tries per question, and chances are you'll get all of them wrong.

Let the game begin

Head over to Google Feud to immediately start a game. Pick a category out of the four available: Culture, People, Names, or Questions. Then you’ll be asked to predict how Google autocompletes the search according to the most popular inputs by people. They can range in length, from the sensible to the completely inane. In fact, there’s a disclaimer on the site that states “certain results may be offensive and/or incomprehensible” so consider yourself warned.

For example, “Where can I buy human…” and “hair” turned out to be the second most searched term while “effigies” ranked number six. The horror.

You can try to cheat by heading to Google Search and seeing what autocomplete turns up for you when you’ve not gotten a single answer right. But chill out, it’s just a game. After some time, you’ll realise most of the fun is in the incredulity you experience when the answers are revealed.

Source: The Verge