Google could be prepping its own Android Wear watches

Two watches apparently in the works, optimised for Google Assistant

Latest on the Google grapevine is that the company is working on two smartwatches, release date unknown. The first will be larger and feature-rich with LTE, GPS and health tracking (Including a monitor), while the second will be smaller and without GPS or mobile data capability.

Codenamed Angelfish, the larger watch will resemble LG's Urbane 2nd edition LTE and the Moto 360 with its sporty design. It will apparently have a circular face with one large crown button on the right and two smaller buttons above and below. It will be on the thick side at 14mm, while it will also have a 43.5mm diameter - smaller than the Moto 360 but still a bit on the larger side.

One reason for the watch's bigger size is that it will need a larger battery because of its LTE-capable chipset. What might appeal to the health-conscious segment is the watch's built in heart-rate monitor and GPS, as well as LTE capability which make it a more complete standalone fitness tracker as opposed to simple fitness bands or watches that rely on smartphone data.

As for the second watch, Swordfish, it also has a circular watchface and is said to have a single button on the right-hand side, reminiscent of Apple Watch's single crown button. With a diameter of 42mm and a 10.6mm thickness, it is pretty slim. That slimness however means that it will probably house less sensors than its bigger brother. It won't have GPS or LTE, and in that regard will unlikely have a heart-rate monitor.

For colour options, it's unclear if the Angelfish will have more colour options besides titanium but its smaller counterpart will come in silver, rose gold and titanium. As to software, Google is apparently tweaking it to have devices that are quicker and more responsive, via Android Wear 2.0's app watchface integration.

With the Android Wear watch market being slightly lacklustre in comparison to Apple's Apple Watch, it makes sense that Google would want to shake things up a little. With Samsung heavily promoting its non-Android dependant Gear series and the Pebble watches, Google's got reason to worry.

[Source: Androidpolice]