Gmail on Android: One inbox, all your email

New unified inbox is an efficient way to manage multiple emails

Google announced in a blogpost that its latest Android app for Gmail will see a new unified inbox. It's a great idea and perfect for those who juggle more than one inbox at a time, meaning you can just stick to the one app instead of juggling a few different email apps and removing the need for a third-party email inbox.

One email to rule them all

The other supported emails are Yahoo as well as Google's email. At least Google isn't pretending that other services aren't being used even if Gmail is the most popular email service. How do you see all those emails? The new update will now display an "All Inboxes" option.

A welcome addition is threaded conversation support for Yahoo, and IMAP/POP accounts, even more incentive for people to check those accounts from within the Gmail app.

Other nice tweaks - better search and improved auto-comple, large attachment previews, single-tap save to Google Drive and what Google calls "more responsive animations". The last bit we could do without but everything else? Well, this might spell trouble for unified email apps unless they can offer significant features that the Gmail app can't provide. Time to up your game, Android developers.

[Source: Google]