Expect the OnePlus 5T in Malaysia soon

Put that grey-market order on hold and wait for the official stock

If you've been tempted to buy the OnePlus 5T from non-official channels, hold off for a bit. Apparently the phone is coming to Malaysia soon as hinted by phone distributor Brightstar.

Swell pricing

OnePlus has proven a good option for those not won over by other brands' implementation of Android.

With a Snapdragon 835, dual rear cameras, USB Type-C charging and a 6in AMOLED display, it offers decent specs for not too much money.

Only question is, how much the phone will be sold for when it finally gets to Malaysia and if it will be sold via telcos.

Check out our review of the OnePlus 5T if you're still undecided about buying the phone.

[Source: Brightstar]