ESL One Genting: A real winner of an event

GGWP, organisers and fans for making the event a fun party

ESL One Genting has just wrapped and after three days of intense matches, Team Digital Chaos brings home the ESL trophy.

The biggest e-sports tournament ever to be held in Malaysia, ESL One Genting proved to be a well-run affair with fans filling the seats.

Good start for e-sports

If ESL One Genting was to be used as a gauge of e-sports interest in the country, it looks like the scene has a lot of potential.

Fans filled the regular seats, attending even matches held late into the night - official merchandise of the event was snapped up in minutes, with local boys Team Fnatic seeing fans crowd tables selling team-branded gaming accessories.

The event was run by ESL, currently the largest e-sports company in the world, with the ESL One circuit being one of the premier Dota 2 championships. 

ESL One is prestigious enough to attract premium sponsors, including Red Bull who is the tournament's official energy drink at all its global locations. This time around in Genting, Lenovo was the major sponsor with other sponsors including Microsoft, MSI and local telco Digi. The latter also streamed updates from the event, offering its customers live coverage.

With the response for this event, it's a good portent for future major e-sports tournaments in the country. Looks like Malaysian fans are willing to pay for the privilege to watch high-level e-sports gaming as well as the chance to meet their e-sports idols.