Dogs don’t need opposable thumbs to work Nikon’s canine camera

All they need is a beating heart to capture photos of all their favourite things

What would your dog’s Instagram feed look like? Artfully-plated kibble? Photos of other dogs? Or a blurry snap of a squirrel he just chased up a tree?

The answers to those questions lie in Nikon’s Heartography experiment. They’ve 3D-printed a camera case that can be strapped to Rover’s chest and connected to the camera via a heart rate monitor. So that when said dog’s heart rate suddenly spikes, the camera case triggers the camera to snap a photo of that particular excitement-inducing moment.

Given how easily excitable dogs are, you best make sure there is a good amount of storage in that camera. Also, get ready to delete snaps that make no sense at all - like the crop of mushrooms pictured in the video. But if you love your dog, you’ll love the insight that this allows into his head and heart.

As cool as this is, Heartography looks like it’s just a marketing campaign for their Coolpix L31 compact camera for now. That’s a real pity given that we’ll take this over a GoPro any day.

Please make it happen, Nikon, or somebody will have to take over the leash and kickstart this.

Source: Quartz