Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop Finds Its Live-Action Cast

Star Trek’s John Cho will be starring as Spike Spiegel.

Cowboy Bebop is an essential anime that everyone should experience. It’s a visual spectacle with an awesome jazzy soundtrack to boot. When it was first released, a live-action adaptation would have been impossible. But now in 2019, Netflix is going to make that dream a reality, with an impeccable cast.

The leading man for this live-action adaptation will be John Cho, of Star Trek and Harold & Kumar fame. He’ll be playing Spike Spiegel, the super cool bounty hunter with the wild hair. Daniella Paneda will be playing Faye Valentine, a fellow bounty hunter who has been cryogenically frozen for the past 54 years. Paneda has previously appeared in Jurassic World 2.

Playing Spike’s partner-in-crime Jet Black, will be Mustafa Shakir, better known for his role as Marvel’s Luke Cage as Bushmaster. The final actor revealed is Alex Hassell, an up-and-coming actor whose roles include The Boys and Genius. He’ll be playing Spike’s nemesis Vicious. The original director of the anime, Shinichiro Watanabe, will act as a consultant to the Netflix adaptation.

The Netflix adaptation will have 10 episodes, and a release date has not been announced just yet. The cast seems pretty solid and this might turn out good. Hopefully Netflix does this adaptation right and not turn it into another Death Note.