The Coronavirus May Actually Affect The Production Of The Apple iPhone 9/SE2

Of course it was going to hit tech at some point

The Coronavirus has been hitting the world by storm, creating some level of chaos and plenty of concerns for everyone. But of course, the most affected are those in China, and this is means it will also effect any tech production that's happening within the country.

For now, news reports have revealed that Apple is one of those affected, as according to a report by Nikkei Asian Review the virus has spread to the Hubei Province with over 100 confirmed cases, which neighbors the Henan Province and is near the Guangdong Province. They're both hosts to major Apple production centers.

Thanks to this, other sources that were quoted by a Bloomberg report suggests that the upcoming iPhone 9 is likely to be impacted by the spreading virus and, specifically, by the measures by Chinese authorities to contain it. This is as the Chinese government is urging workers to stay home in cities affected by the coronavirus and has already quarantined the entire city of Wuhan, which we all know is where the virus is believed to have originated.

This will of course affect the production of the iPhone 9 (or SE2), the more affordable option for the iPhone expected to launch in March and begin mass-production in February. Some insiders have also stated that this is also affecting the production of AirPods (both 2nd Gen and Pros), forcing to be slowed down during this event. For now, Apple has a dual-sourcing system in place to ensure that an issue with one factory doesn't impede the production of a device too severely so the iPhone 9 will likely launch as expected. But it's possible that the number of devices available for purchase may be limited, and if you're worried about the virus spreading through the virus well, that's another issue altogether.