Interstellar Composer Hans Zimmer Made The Engine Sound For A New BMW

Who knew you could compose for cars?

Car enthusiasts would tell you that they can tell a car just based on its engine sound alone, while most Malaysian consumers might only be able to identify the rattle and hum of a Myvi. That said, that’s not stopping German car makers BMW from getting one of the best composers in the movie business to make the engine sound for their new futuristic concept car.

This BMW Vision M Next concept car looks straight out of a sci-fi film, looking like a sleek Spinner from Blade Runner, which is great since Hans Zimmer composed for the recent Blade Runner 2049. This new concept car is part of BMW’s plans to unveil 25 new electric cars by 2023.

So why does this new car necessitate an engine sound from Hans Zimmer? Well, electric vehicles don’t actually make the usual sputter and rev up sounds that typical gas-powered cars make when you start them up. EV cars are typically silent, so companies are looking to give these electric cars a distinct sound profile. Hence Hans Zimmer being a part of this new BMW car. Check it out in the video above!

While we may or may not see this car come to life, at least we know that BMW’s next line of cars will look and sound pretty cool. Check out more of the BMW Vision M Next in their official website.