Black Eyed Peas’ wants South East Asian talent to flourish

And he truly believes the next big artiste in the music industry will come from Asia
Black Eyed Peas’ wants South East Asian talent to flourish

You’ve known him as one of Black Eyed Peas’ band members but has returned to his roots to help boost the number of talented artistes within the South East Asian music industry.

Here’s some trivia for you guys, was actually born in the Philippines but was adopted and brought to the US. Now he’s back in South East Asia, hoping to give back to the place he once called home., through his new entertainment and branding company, BMBX, wants to source music talent in South East Asia, and share his rags to riches tale with budding local talent.

“I’m very glad to be back in Asia, I feel there’s plenty of crazy, bubbling talented artistes here and I can’t wait to tap into it,” he said at a Music Matters session in All That Matters in Singapore

US, watch out

Black Eyed Peas’ wants South East Asian talent to flourish

And he’s on a mission to flip around the perception that there’s talent only on the other end of the earth.

“There’s so much unearthed talent and aspiring upcoming artistes here. So I’m going to solely focus on investing in Asian artistes and give them that western production. We can start that movement here first.”

Thus far, he’s signed on a rock band from the Philippines, Jessica Reynoso, and Singapore’s very own Kevin Lester. “I have a dream, I want to be like the Jay-Z of South East Asia and create a market where there’s a lot of collaborating between South East Asian talent. I want the US to look over and go, what the hell is happening over there man?” he added.

So Singapore, don’t lose hope and keep jamming because you never know when you’re going to get spotted by (he apparently frequents nightclubs for “research”.

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